How to Sculpt a Horse – DVD Set

How to Sculpt a Horse – DVD Set

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How to sculpt the horse body from the Inside Out, a three part DVD set by Jeff Wolf teaching how to sculpt with the correct anatomy.


How to Sculpt a Horse from Clay – 3 Part DVD Series

This 3 part DVD series is part of Jeff Wolf’s sculpture series, “Sculpting from the Inside Out”.

Each DVD is approx. 35 minutes in length and covers start to finish steps of Sculpting a Horse Body in clay with emphasis on correct anatomy. If you are wanting to learn the steps to properly sculpt a horse body in clay, this dvd series will show you exactly that.

Jeff starts out by building a basic armature, then proceeds to create the bone structure, moves onto the muscles and finishes with texturing the piece.

Jeff Wolf is an accomplished Sculptor and an expert anatomist. This DVD set is a great tool for anyone wanting to learn the proper anatomy of a horse.

Don’t forget, when sculpting, it’s also important to exaggerate certain areas and create lines to catch light, this really makes your piece stand out from the rest of the crowd. (Jeff covers this throughout the dvd too!)

We recommend starting with Sculpting the Equine Skull  before proceeding to this DVD Set.

Did You Know? We also offer a Finished Resin Study Cast of the Horse Body to help you even more.

For more information on Sculpting Workshops and more, visit Jeff Wolf Studios.

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  1. Dr. Argyro Passali

    Dear members of Western Art Rodeo Association,

    I have just finished watching the three part DVD set by Jeff Wolf on sculpting the horse body, and all I have to say is that I am amazed by Mr. Wolfs talent, his detailed and devoted work! It is, indeed, a true instructional DVD that actually teaches one how to correctly place the muscles on his/her model and how to shape it, so that it resembles a true horse, the noblest animal form made by nature!

    Kindest regards,
    Dr. Argyro Passali

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