Equine Skull Sculpting Kit

Equine Skull Sculpting Kit

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Equine skull sculpture kit designed to teach you how to properly sculpt a horse skull. Taught by Jeff Wolf, kit includes 3 dvd’s and a sculpture study cast of an equine skull.


Equine Skeleton Anatomy Model – Horse Head Anatomy KitEquine Skull Anatomy Model

Learn how to properly sculpt the Equine Skull from the Inside Out with this equine skeletal anatomy study and instructional dvd set. The 3d anatomy study cast gives you a model that shows the horse head from the inside out.

The DVD set shows you the step by step process of sculpting the equine skull from the inside out. The left side of the Equine Skeleton Anatomy Model shows the skeletal structure while the left side shows the muscular structure of the equine skull.

This sculpting kit will teach you, step by step, how to properly sculpt the skull of a horse.

Sculpting Kit Includes:

  • 3 Part DVD Set on Sculpting the Equine Skull from the Inside Out
  • 1 Equine Skeleton Anatomy Resin Study Cast

About the DVD Set

Equine Skull Muscle AnatomyEach dvd is approx. 35 minutes in length. Jeff starts with building the horse skull armature, then proceeds through the process of sculpting the equine skull. He sculpts both sides of the equine skull at the same time, but he leaves the one side as the skeletal structure, while laying the muscles and finishing the other side of the sculpture.

This finished product of the DVD is the Equine Skull Model included in this kit.

About the Study Cast

Jeff Wolf sculpture studies are designed to aid the artist in their understanding of anatomy.  These three dimensional desk top studies are a tremendous aid for any artist that wishes to correctly portray their subject.

Preview of What you Will Learn

The video below is a Time Lapse Preview of the DVD Set included in this kit.


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