Reilef Carving a Big Horn Sheep – DVD Set

Reilef Carving a Big Horn Sheep – DVD Set

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2 Part DVD Set showing how to produce a Relief Carving of a Big Horn Sheep Ram using Power Carving Tools. (Rotary Carver).


This is a 2 Part DVD Set where Dyke Roskelley demonstrates how to carve a Big Horn Sheep
Ram in relief using power carving tools.

Dyke uses a Resin Study Cast sculpted by Jeff Wolf as a model as he carves. (also available)

The start to finish process is approximately 106 minutes in a 2 DVD set.

Dyke starts with outlining the Ram and removing the background, then proceeds through the steps to finish the wood carving using NSK power carving tools and wood carving bits. Using power rotary tools allows him to put incredible detail into the design in very little time.

The DVD set finishes up by showing you how Dyke bleaches and stains the project to bring the Ram to life.

Here’s a 5 minute preview of DVD #2 of this set:


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