“Before the Brand” is a beautifully sculpted longhorn bull laying in a relaxed position.

Sculpted by International renowned bronze sculptor Jeff Wolf, this sculpture has been used as a visual aid in his sculpting classes for many years. After years of students asking for it, Jeff has decided to cast this study model in resin and make it available to help others in their  sculpting projects.  This 100% anatomically correct study illustrates  the bone structure, muscles, eyes, ears, nose, feet & overall conformation of the bull.

The purpose of the casting in resin is to provide an affordable 3-D visual aid to anyone who strives to improve and learn the intricacies of bovine anatomy & movement (not to mention a work of art that will enhance atmosphere of your studio).

Dimensions are 16″ L x 7″ W x 7 1/2″ H.