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The Western Art Rodeo Association was founded by World Renowned Bronze Sculptor, Jeff Wolf.  The goal is to unite Western Artists and promote them so their artwork may be enjoyed all over the world. It is our goal to educate others on quality art, share quality western art with the world and educate our youth so they too will be interested in creating and collecting Western Artwork. If you are looking for Equine Anatomy Products or want to learn Equine Anatomy, you have to see our products!

The products you find here are products created by members of the W.A.R.A. to help other western artists. You will only find quality products backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you purchase these products, you are supporting Western Artists and helping the western art community.

Our Equine Anatomy Models and Human Skull Anatomy Model were sculpted by Jeff Wolf. We have shipped these all over the world and received great reviews from our customers. Some choose to use them to learn the proper anatomy of the horse or human skull, while others have told me they just love looking at them in their studio. We’ve even had some take these to the veterinarian to measure, compare and critique just to make sure they are anatomically correct (in case you’re wondering, they are!). The DVD sets that go along with the anatomy models feature Jeff Wolf sculpting from a block of clay, all the way to the finished product – which is the anatomy model itself. If you’re going to be a great artists, you have to know proper anatomy. You can’t fake it. There are no shortcuts. If you want to sculpt (or even paint or draw) horses, our equine anatomy studies and DVD’s will help you tremendously. These products will help you become a better artist. If they don’t live up to your expectations, we want to hear about it.

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What Customers are Saying…

Hello I just wanted to let you know I took delivery of my horse and the DVDs yesterday evening. You did an outstanding job on the packaging and he has arrived in perfect shape. He is just so impressive in person and is currently standing pride of place on my workbench. I have been having real trouble studying certain areas in reference books and trying to visualize how they look in real horse form and this guy is the total answer to my prayers. While I was studying him from all the different angles I decided to put on the first of the three DVDs. It was getting late so I thought I would view just for the first ten minutes and watch the remainder today as the rest of the family had already gone to bed. However, I was so taken with what I was watching that I ended up viewing all three one after the other. They have inspired me so much as I have never, ever had in my head the concept of sculpting the horse from the inside out. I loved the bit where Jeff took his knife and cut up into the body to demonstrate how limbs could then be moved and that the muscles would pretty much move to the correct place. As for the large mustang sculpture at the end, all I can say is WOW!!! I am so happy with the horse and the DVDs that I really cant express it in words. You have been amazing to deal with from start to finish and I think Jeff is an amazing artist and an inspirational teacher. Kindest Regards from one extremely happy customer in the UK.

Testimonial from Customer…

Thank you for sending me Jeff Wolf’s horse study cast. I have studied it at length together with my veterinarian and also a great friend who paints most of the Group 1 and 2 Flat winners over here (www.charleschurch.net) for their owners. We all agree that Jeff has done a very good job and congratulate him. It must have been a fascinating thing to do, and I’d love to know how he did it. As a sculptor I also congratulate the mold maker – not an easy one with all those undercuts.
George Bingham